(5 Jan 2017)

Proceedings Book is available, you can download it here.

(29 Dec 2017)

Abstract Book (updated) is available, you can download it here.

(01 Nov 2017)

2-3 Nov 2017 Transfer Information from/to Safranbolu from/to the Venue (Free Shuttle)

Departure Arrival
08:30 Cinci Han- Kıranköy, Safranbolu (Across the Zalifre Hotel) 08:45 Hamit Çepni Konferans Salonu ve Demir Çelik Enstitüsü
17.30 Hamit Çepni Conference Hall / Iron & Steel Institute 17.45 Kıranköy- Cinci Han – Zalifre Hotel

2 Nov 2017 Transfer Information to/from Gala Dinner (Free Shuttle)

Departure Arrival
17:30 Iron & Steel Institute 18:00 Lati Lokum Safranbolu
19:30 Lati Lokum Safranbolu 20.00 Cinci Han- Kıranköy

(26 Oct 2017)

Please note that Video conference participants are also required to add to their skype account due to increased number of parallel sessions.

(25 Oct 2017)

The draft Program can be found under the ‘Program’ Tab

(20 Oct 2017)

Please note that the due date for registration fee payment is October 25, 2017. If you do not make a payment until this date, your study will not be present in the Conference program and abstract book.

(18 Oct 2017)

Dear participants, please do not forget to put a note as “ICESE17 – Author name – paper ID ” when you make the registration fee payment.


(16 Oct 2017)

Prof. Dr. B. Sami Yilbas will not be attending our conference due to a recent health problem he survived. We wish him to get well soon and pray for his well being.


(15 Oct 2017)

Dear participants, student participation option is only valid for undergraduate students. Participating graduate students with a study to present should make full registration.

(13 Oct 2017)

Our participants registered for Video Conference option should follow below instructions:

  • You need to have a Skype® account (***Please make sure that your user name is your Name and Surname. Changing your user name is very easy. You simply click on your name at the upper left of your Skype account and change it). If you do not have one yet, please download it for free from:
  • After logging in, click Contacts – Add Contact – Search Skype Directory, at the upper left of your Skype screen
  • You will see a lens sign to search a contact at the upper left of your skype screen.
  • Here do your search for the following accounts of ICESE17:
  • Add each account to your contacts (Please make sure you added all three accounts since these accounts are to be used for parallel sessions)
  • ICESE17 accounts will accept your contact requests.
  • After the final program is announced, you will know at which date and time and session you will be presenting your work.
  • The chair of your session or session staff will call you on skype for your presentation.
  • Please also make sure that your microphone and webcam is properly working.
  • To share your screen with the session audience, you will click on Call – Share Screens at the upper left of your Skype window. After bringing your presentation to full screen you may present your work.
  • Please do not directly stop sharing your screen after your presentation for potential questions that might arise from the audience and session chair regarding your study
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us of you have further questions regarding the Video conference.

(11 Oct 2017)

Dear potential participants ! This is to inform you that your abstracts will not be included in the Abstracts book if you do not make registration (fee payment) and do not present your work in the conference.


(01 Oct 2017)

Due to high number of requests from potential participants abstract and full paper submission deadlines are extended to October 10, and October 20, 2017, respectively.