Alina Adriana Minea

Prof Dr. A.A. Minea (Professor, Technical University Gheorge Asachi- Romania)

Prof.Dr. Alina Adriana Minea is full professor at Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” Iasi and owns habilitation in materials engineering. Her major field of research is heat and mass transfer mostly with applications in new heat transfer fluids. Also, her articles and books are published mainly in journals related to heat transfer and energy efficiency, being coordinator of two major books published at Taylor and Francis. She published over 120 articles and authored or co-authored 21 books, most of them in heat transfer area. She serves as member of the Editorial Board for Thermal Science as well as for other international journals and conferences in the area of heat transfer and energy efficiency. She participates in peer review for many international journals and conferences, as well as for H2020, international and national grants. She is Dissemination manager for COST action NANOUPTAKE.


TOPIC: Nanoparticle Enhanced Ionic Liquids thermophysical properties variation and the benefits of their development

Ionanofluids are a very new class of heat transfer fluids with multiple applications in many area and especially in the solar area. Ionic liquids (ILs) are the organic salts having a low melting point (below 100 °C), which are already considered as a potential new heat transfer fluid in the solar thermal collector and potential replacement of several organic solvents in chemical industry for reaction and separation systems. The increasing interests of ILs are due to their excellent physical and chemical properties. It has to be pointed out in this stage that Ionanofluids are mostly developed for use in the medium-to-high-temperature heat transfer systems, different from the nanofluids based on water and ethylene glycol that are to be considered at lower temperatures. Moreover, the thermophysical properties of ILs can be enhanced by inserting and dispersing small percentages of nanoparticles, which is called Nanoparticle Enhanced Ionic Liquids (NEILs) or, shortly, ionanofluids. Results on temperature and concentration dependence of thermal conductivity and viscosity of various ionanofluids obtained from different groups together with the data of water based nanofluids from literature are to be presented and discussed in this paper, outlining the benefits and drawbacks.